I have been resisting the urge to start a blog for years. Especially in the last couple years, it seems like all the cool kids have a blog. Since I dislike being cool and trendy, I had made a personal vow not to join the masses and share my thoughts on the internet.

But here I am, starting a blog.

My husband and I are opposites. He is definitely an extrovert, and I am definitely an introvert. He loves to eat meat. I prefer vegetables. He tends to learn experientially, needing to do something to really grasp it, while I learn visually, needing to read about or see someone do something before I can grasp it. This means that he just opens up the new baby play yard and starts pushing buttons to see what they do, learning through experiencing. On the opposite spectrum, in the same situation, take out the instruction manual and read it front to back before unzipping the package. Yes, my way tends to be more boring.

When it comes to personal growth and learning, Randy and I are also opposites. I learn best about myself while writing. Randy learns best while speaking. I noticed this about Randy recently when some friends were visiting. He became so energized just from bouncing ideas off his new buddy. They talked about family, having children, work situations. The topics weren’t groundbreaking, but, after our friends left, Randy was on a high from learning so much about himself and what he considers important.

I believe this goes back to our introverted and extroverted tendencies. Randy gains energy from being with others, so it just makes sense that his personal growth would also happen through that avenue. Same for me. Being around people quickly depletes my energy and I have to be by myself to power up. I learn when I am alone with my thoughts. My explosions of personal growth always happen when I am setting my thoughts on paper. Or, in this case, a computer screen.

That’s why I’m starting this. I want to learn more about myself and foster growth in my life via the written word.

Harry Potter. The tv show Lost. Long hair. Coffee. These are all things I had banned from my life because of their popularity, but eventually tried out and became hooked, just like everyone else. We’ll see if blogging stands the test of time with me.