This year, we are starting a new focus for our family.  Randy and I have discussed how we don’t want our children to grow up focusing solely on receiving gifts at holidays.  Do you remember all the gifts you received as a child, or do you remember the traditions that your family practiced each year?  Do you remember presents that you got, or do you remember trips and outtings that your family took?

Thanks to my new obsession,, I found the perfect idea to set the stage for our first family tradition.

Easter Egg Advent (


Each egg contains a piece of paper with an activity for the twelve days leading up to Easter.  Here’s what they contain:

  1. Decorate for Easter
  2. Make lambs
  3. Make coffee filter flowers
  4. Read Easter stories
  5. Scavenger hunt
  6. Watch Easter movie
  7. Make bunnies
  8. Make Easter cards
  9. Cut flowers for Easter bouquet
  10. Dye eggs
  11. Easter egg hunt
  12. Resurrection cookies