I made this craft often growing up.  It is super simple.  Phoebe squealed with delight each time she dropped some food coloring.

Coffee Filter Flowers

You’ll need:

Coffee filters
A bowl of water
Food coloring
Paper towels
Green pipe cleaners

  1. Fold the coffee filter in half four times so that you make a small triangle.  Dip it into the water so that it gets completely wet.  Let the excess water drip off.
  2. Place the wet filter on a stack of paper towels.  Drop a couple drops of food coloring on the filter.  Use any combo of colors you want.
  3. Blot the filter with paper towels.  Set the colored coffee filter on a separate paper towel and leave it to dry.  Continue until you get the amount of flowers you’d like.
  4. When the flowers are dry, twist a piece of pipe cleaner around the skinner triangle point.  Pull the layers of the filter apart to create a flower!