I grew up in Rochester, New York.  After that, I lived in Joplin, Missouri.  Then Council Bluffs, Iowa followed by Louisville, Kentucky.  Now I live in Russiaville, Indiana.  In each of these places, I’ve noticed that there is something unique about each town or city.


There is always something to do.  It seems like there is always a festival happening.  Lilac, Jazz, Grape, Chili.  People in Rochester like to party and have a good time.  Some people call the city “Rah-Cha-Cha.”


Three Wal-Marts.  One was destroyed in the tornado, and I don’t know if they are going to rebuild it.  But when I lived there, I lived within ten minutes of three Wal-Marts.

Council Bluffs:

I can’t tell you what was unique about Council Bluffs, because I was in a program where I took 22,000 classes at once.  I never left my dorm room unless it was to go to class.  But I will tell you a little story.

I lived in a deaf school.  At night, the kiddos would bang on their radiators.  We never found out if it was just for fun, or to keep up awake at night as a prank.  It was probably a prank.


Nobody uses their blinkers, otherwise known as turning signals.  Your defensive driving always has to set to “on,” because these people change lanes and turn down streets without ever letting you know they are going to do it.  I must convince, it irked me at first, but, after living there for a while, I discontinued use of mine too.


Ah, Russiaville.  Home, sweet, home.  What is unique about Russiaville?  When the weather is nice, people drive around town in golf carts.  Yep.  That is the preferred mode of transportation for anything in town.

What is unique about where you live?