Yes, I finally have my own clothing line!

We had one of these growing up, but I hated how scratchy the towels and clothing felt after being line dried.  I do not mind it as much now, but I am thinking that I will enjoy a soft towel come winter.

I found the clothing line for $7 at Lowe’s.  They had other kinds that were more expensive, made of metal and different kinds of plastic.  Mine is made of PVC, which I know is not the healthiest since PVC is said to off-gas harmful chemicals.  I figured it would be okay for us since I am only using it outside, where I have plenty of grass to convert that yuck into fresh and pure oxygen.

I also bought clothes pins.  They were $5 for a pack of 100 at Wal-Mart.  I know that seems like a lot of money, but I decided to “splurge” and get pins made of bamboo.  I am liking them, especially since I have only got one splinter so far.

My line is small, but I am still able to wash and dry two loads of clothing a day.  Our shirts hang inside the house on hangers and the rest of the laundry goes outside.

Benefits of line drying:

  • Saves money you’d spend on electricity to run the dryer
  • The mixture of sun and oxygen released from grass underneath is a natural “oxygen bleach,” brightening colors and whitening whites.  Speed this process up by laying a stained article right down on the grass.
  • Adds a little extra exercise to your daily routine
  • Allows you a chance to do housework and soak up some rays at the same time!  Work on your tan or just get your body to produce some more Vitamin D.

Downsides to line drying:

  • The articles feel scratchy.
  • If you leave colors in the sun too long and too often, they will start to fade.

Here is one tip that I recently found that I am enjoying.  After you wash a load, stick it in the clothes dryer for ten minutes.  This is just enough time to get the wrinkles free so your clothing can dry straighter on the line.  This dramatically reduces wrinkles, which I am enjoying especially on Randy’s work clothing that I iron.  However, because my goal is to save money, I only do this with our clothes.  All towels and diapers go straight outside without a whirl in the dryer.

Do you line dry?  Would you?  What are your tips?