Years ago, my best friend told me that she noticed that when she was disciplined and self controlled in one area of her life, other areas that had been lacking became more disciplined.  That statement stuck with me.  I wondered if it was true for me.

Guess what?  It is!

When I exercise, I also tend to eat right.  When I am disciplined to wake up early, I have more control over my emotions during the day.  When I study my Bible, I am more likely to focus on teaching the children.  When I do all of these things, our home life seems to run more smoothly and I feel great!

Lately, there has been a huge lack of self control in my life.  I sleep in, eat junk food, gorge myself on sugary sweets, don’t exercise, am inconsistent in my Bible reading, don’t give myself needed down time during the day.  As a result, I feel poorly about myself.  Lacking self control makes my days seem to crawl by as I seek one stimulant to the next (books, movies, sugar, coffee, rich foods).

I realized this tendency in myself and also perceived the distance in my relationship with God that was happening at the same time.  I know when an undisciplined life and lack of communion with God meet, sin and depression are soon to follow.

I need more work of the Spirit in my life.  I need to get back into the flow of self control.  I need to set parameters for myself to limit my indulgence and encourage healthy behavior.

I am going to dig into the Scripture to see what it says about self control, letting the Lord speak to me and strengthen me through his Word.  While doing this, I will also tr to add some healthy habits back into my life.  This is a daily struggle, but, with the help of the Lord, self control can increase in my life.