In an effort to increase self control in my life, I am doing an online Bible study.  The focus of the Bible study is to reflect on why I lack self control with my eating habits and place my desire for food in the hands of the Lord.

You can find this Bible study at

So far, it has been very helpful.  My lack of self control with eating is often because I use food as a coping method whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed.  The key in this area is immediately going to the Lord for the comfort I desire.

Other times, I just really enjoy sugary treats!  I have read books that show how sugar is literally addictive and has similar effects as illicit drugs in its interactive with the brain.  (See Sugar, Salt, Fat by Michael Moss and Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth about Sugar by Robert Lustig).  Though I know it isn’t healthy for my body (nutritionless calories) or my brain (unnatural highs and lows), it is just so nummy!  Yes, I am addicted.

However, I believe any addiction can be overcome through the power of the Spirit.  This Bible study is aiding more in that direction.

Since starting, though I have only completed three lessons, I feel like the “power” of food has lessened its grip on me.  I no longer feel guilty when I don’t eat something that is completely healthy.  I am realizing that it isn’t wrong to enjoy as long as I savor.  When I go crazy and eat nine cookies, I feel guilty and my body isn’t happy.  When I savor one, I not only get to enjoy the taste of the cookie, but I also enjoy knowing that God is helping me grow in self control.  Not mention that one cookie isn’t chased by emotional highs and lows.

I do not agree with all the exegesis found in this study, but overall, I believe you cannot go wrong when anything based on the Bible.  Be discerning and study the Scripture for yourself, and you will find the help you need.  God is good!