In the past couple years, I have bounced from one dietary plan to another.

Randy and I were vegans for a summer.  We didn’t eat any meat or dairy products.  We filled up on whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.  Both of us felt amazing eating that way, but it was very difficult to maintain outside our home especially when at the mercy of summer camp menus.  In the end, I ditched it because I was worried that I was screwing up our children’s health and development.

We tried out eating plan.  For a fee, they send you recipes complete with grocery lists for your convenience.  It was very convenient, but almost every meal was meat-based and cost us a load of money.  Also, we do not own a grill and there were quite a few grilling recipes.  We let go of that after our subscription expired.

Next we gave the high protein, low carb diet a shot.  We did this affordably by eating a lot of nuts too.  This was a big fail and didn’t last long.

I love reading about nutrition and food science.  Across the board, there is one common theme among everything I have read.  Let go of sugar and processed grains!  Make your food at home and let it be mostly fruit and vegetables!

So this is where our diet stands now.  And by “diet,” I mean our eating habits, not a plan to drop a couple pounds.

Since everyone agrees that fresh and frozen produce is so very good for you, that is what we are emphasizing in our meals.  In an effort to save money, we are eating bean-centered meals again.  Dr. Fuhrman coined the phrase “flexitarian.”  That’s what we are doing.  Lots of produce and plants, light on the grains and meat.  And avoiding red meat altogether per recommendation of our general practitioner.

Here’s where I need your help.  I am in a bean rut.  We have tried every variation of rice and beans known to man.  Slurped lots of bean soup.  I make homemade hummus.

We need your favorite bean recipe.  It does not matter what bean is your favorite, please send me a link to your favorite recipe.  I need something new.  I am even willing to try tofu.

“What?  You were vegan for three months and didn’t eat tofu?!”

Yep.  We actually had tofu for the first time this week in the form of mabo tofu, a delicious entree made with the distinctive flavor of bean paste.  Num!

Also, here is a quick bean trivia fact.  Peanuts aren’t nuts.  They are beans.  Nuts grow on trees.  I know a woman who grows peanuts in her vegetable garden.

What is your favorite bean?  How do you like them prepared?